This page should answer any other questions you have about this challenge. Much of the wording is thanks to the original We Invented The Remix, but quite a bit has been changed to suit this particular challenge.

What’s this all about?
Ever read a fic and think, wow, what a fascinating story, but if I had written it, I would have… Well, now here’s your chance to do just that. Rewrite someone else’s story, tell somebody else’s tale. Take the work of another person and wrap it up in your vision and style, just like a remixer does to songs.

So just take another person’s story and change everything?
Yes and no. You can do whatever you like to the story – change the title, POV, dialogue, mood, characterization, make it longer or shorter, whatever–except for two things: pairing(s) and and the basic plotline.

Why can’t I change ____?
Basic plotline and pairings should remain the same or, frankly, it isn’t the same story. For the most part, what this means is to leave the beginning, climax and ending the same. The same pairing should be together at the end. Likewise, you should not change a het story to slash/cest or a slash/cest story to het. You may, however, choose to focus on more gen features of a story that does have certain pairings.

All right. So then we can choose any story we want to rewrite?
Not just any story. Each participant will be assigned a writer (who will be a fellow participant and chosen at random, but matched by genres and other preferences) and must choose a story from that writer. You can choose any story over 500 words written by the person you are assigned except for whichever story they designate as their safe story (to be explained below). Works in progress are off-limits and should not be remixed, but finished parts of in progress series are fair game, so long as you don’t reference events in the unfinished parts of the series.

I’m still confused. We’re just writing someone else’s story?
Rewriting. Don’t just change a line here and there. Be creative, challenge yourself and have fun!

Do I need a website to participate?
It doesn’t have to be a personal website, but you do need to have your stories posted somewhere online–Archive of Our Own, LJ, Mibba, Tumblr, Wattpad, etc. As long as you can provide a link (or several, if your stories are in different places), that’s fine. If your stories are friends only, be willing to friend anyone who requests it during the writing period, because they just may be your remixer.

Do I need an Archive of Our Own account?
No, but if you wish to add your story to the AO3 Wintry Mix collection, you will need an account. Ask around or request an invite.

I’ve only written a few stories. Can I still play?
As long as you have a minimum three completed stories of at least 500 words, you may participate. Your remixer should have some choice in what they remix, after all.

So what the hell is a safe story?
It’s the one story that you don’t want anyone messing with, for whatever reason. You only get one. You don’t have to have one, only if you want.

What if I’ve co-written with someone?
If you have someone you co-write with regularly and the two of you wish to sign up for the challenge together, you will be counted as one participant and only the stories you have written together are eligible. If you regularly co-write with someone but only one of you signs up, then your co-written stories are off-limits. The same goes if both of you sign up but separately.

What if I miss the deadline?
Then I have to scramble at the last minute to write a remix for your remixee. Not cool.

What’s a pinch hitter?
My new favorite person! Check the box on the sign up form if you are willing to pinch hit, aka jump in at the last minute and fill in for anyone who has indicated they will not have their remix done on time. If you do this, you should ideally be willing to write any genre.

So what are the deadlines?
Click the link above that says “schedule” to find out!

Sign me up, please!
Sign yourself up! Click the link above that says “sign up” to put your name on the list.