Remix Title: Ever Present Past
Remix Author: Bethany and Amber

Original: The Past Is Just A Goodbye by Elizabeth
Length: 16,070
Rating: NC17
Genre: cest, angst
Warnings: sexual content (incestuous and otherwise), drug use, character death
Summary: Taylor thought he had hit rock bottom when his wife left him. Now, the life he has built with Zac and the daughter they are raising together is at risk, threatened by their very own parents and the demons Taylor thought he’d kept at bay.
Read it: Chapter One (Chapters Seven and Eight added for 2017!)

Remix Title: Give All My Secrets Away
Remix Author: Elizabeth

Original: We’re Not Lovers by Amber
Length: 1142 (oneshot)
Rating: R
Genre: slash/cest
Warnings: drug use
Summary: Zac tells Carrick the truth on why some fans believe he and Taylor are together when they really aren’t.
Read it: here

Remix Title: Hope It Comes Soon
Remix Author: Becky

Original: The Basement Tapes by Aeryn
Length: 2527 (two chapters)
Rating: PG
Genre: het, romance
Warnings: none
Summary: Audrey meets the love of her life, a guy named Taylor, when she was least expecting it.
Read it: Prologue

Remix Title: In The Middle
Remix Author: Keelie

Original: Are You Happy Now? by Becky and Natali
Length: 1203 (oneshot)
Rating: G
Genre: het, romance, drama
Warnings: none
Summary: Zac is caught in the middle of Kate and Taylor’s feud. He decides enough is enough and tries to put an end to it.
Read it: here

Remix Title: Keep Me Concealed Just Like I Was a Weapon
Remix Author: Bethany

Original: Caught by Keelie
Length: 1203 (oneshot)
Rating: NC17
Genre: slash/cest
Warnings: explicit sexual content
Summary: Zac finds himself in close quarters with a diva actor, but there may be more beneath the surface than he thought.
Read it: here

Remix Title: Love, Chaos And Other Phenomena
Remix Author: Aeryn

Original: Kiss and Tell by Bethany
Length: 8464
Rating: PG13
Genre: het
Warnings: Naughty language
Summary: Taylor and Molly have four goals for the autumn semester of 2016 – make it through the next thirteen weeks of classes without working a few screws loose, actually pass said classes, avoid the duck pond lawn at all costs, and get Georgina and Zac to finally realise that they like one another as more than friends. Too easy, right?
Read it: Chapter One (Chapter Two added for 2017!)

Remix Title: Night Lights, Light Nights
Remix Author: Amber

Original: I’ll Love Your Light by KT
Length: 1280 (oneshot)
Rating: NC17
Genre: slash/cest
Warnings: sexual content
Summary: none
Read it: here

Remix Title: Whispered Words
Remix Author: KT

Original: Truth Is a Whisper by Bethany and Amber
Length: 3173 (three chapters)
Rating: not rated
Genre: slash/cest, angst
Warnings: implied cest
Summary: Natalie uncovers why she and Taylor have been so distant, and why Zac and Kate have been fighting. The truth is far from what she expected.
Read it: Chapter One