Here are the basic rules for participation. Please check the FAQ for more in depth answers to some potential questions these rules may raise.

1. In order to participate, you must:
– have at least three completed hanfics of 500 words or more posted online
– be willing to both have your fic remixed and remix someone else’s

2. Co-written stories are not eligible unless both authors sign up together. If they do so, they will have to also remix a story together.

3. You may choose only one of your stories to declare safe, meaning no one can choose to remix it.

4. You do not get to choose who you remix or who remixes you; I will make the assignments based on genre compatibility. However, you may indicate that you are a repeat remixer and would like to continue a remix you began last year. This is why you must indicate both which genres you have written and which you are willing to write when you sign up.

5. Remixes should be at least 500 words long. They may be a oneshot or a first chapter. If you choose to write a chaptered remix, you are allowed and encouraged to post more than 500 words/one chapter and to continue writing after the challenge ends.

6. Do not change pairings or bash characters/pairings in your remix. I will do my best to pair you with an author who has similar tastes, but even if I don’t, please try to write something that will not offend them.

7. Secret Santa rules apply. Remixers must remain secret until stories are posted here. You may add your story to the AO3 collection before the deadline (it will be anonymous until then), but you may not post it publicly under your name until it is posted here.

8. Please submit your remix to me by emailing it to You may submit it in .txt, .rtf, .odt or .doc format. A Google Docs link will work as well, and if all else fails, paste the text into the email with the formatting as intact as you can manage. I will reply to all submissions as soon as possible to confirm whether or not I can view the fic. Please also include a header with the following information: title of/link to the story you’re remixing, genre, rating, pairing(s) and warning. You may also post the story directly to AO3. If you do this, please send me an email afterward to let me know.

9. Please check your email regularly. I will send out email reminders about the deadlines and check with anyone who has not submitted their remix on time.

10. Please remember that this is all in fun! The end result is bound to be a surprise, but please be kind to your remixer even if you don’t like the results. Likewise, please try to write something that, to the best of your ability, is in keeping with the spirit of the original story.

Anyone who does not play nice will be removed from the challenge at my discretion.